Tips To Blend Your Teak Furniture And Your Interior Décor

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Teak furniture is elegant and classy and can significantly improve the appearance of your room. However, you need to know how to match your furniture with the interior décor of your room to achieve the best results. Below are various tips that will assist you to blend your furniture with the interior décor of your house.

In the living room

This room is usually one of the largest in the house requires more creativity to give it a perfect look. To achieve this look, you should ensure that the teak furniture in the living room is spotlessly polished. Additionally, you can apply varnish or wax to the furniture. Some of the furniture common in the living room includes chairs, tables and shelves. Many living rooms are painted with plain colours such as light blue or light yellow since this is where people spend most of their time. As such, the polished furniture easily blends to the interior décor of this room.

In the bedroom

Many people paint their bedrooms bright colours such as red or pink. Some of the furniture in the bedroom include the bed, side tables, dressing table and wardrobes. One way of blending the teak furniture into the bedroom is having them inbuilt into the room. Inbuilt closets are not only aesthetically appealing but also save a lot of space. Additionally, you can also mix various materials to break the monotony of the room. Instead of having only wooden furniture, you can have a metal bed but complement it with teak side tables or a dressing table.

In the kitchen

The teak furniture in the kitchen should take into account the unique conditions of this room. This is because the various cooking activities can lead to an increase in the temperature of the room which can easily damage wooden furniture. As such, avoid using highly polished wooden shelves or fittings in the kitchen. This is because the high temperature in the kitchen will cause the furniture to dry and develop cracks. Additionally, the surface can be damaged by placing hot cooking pots or pans on them and leave permanent marks that tarnish their appearance.

Since everyone has their preferences, you can turn this into a DIY project. In this way, you will create a setup in the various rooms that is ideal for you and your family. Taking these factors into consideration will also ensure that your furniture remains in good condition for a long time.