4 Trees That Are Ideal for Creating Shade

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Is your outside space just way too hot to spend time in? Are you tired of sitting under sun umbrellas all summer long?

Investing in some shady trees is a great way to keep your garden naturally cool, meaning you can spend more time enjoying it. Having enough shade is particularly important if you have children or live with elderly relatives, since they can be susceptible to sunburn and heatstroke.

Don't have a clue which tree you should choose? Keep reading to find out about four varieties which are absolutely perfect for creating shade.

1. Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple tree can grow up to eight metres tall, making it ideal for small- to medium-sized gardens. Since it's a shallow rooting tree, this species will do best in sheltered areas without strong winds. It needs plenty of moisture, so it isn't ideal for very dry locations.

The large maple leaves will provide much-needed shelter all summer long, and turn beautiful shades of red and gold during autumn. It is a lovely tree that looks beautiful throughout the year.

2. Golden Ash

This tree can grow up to 12 metres tall, so it's ideal for medium to large gardens. It's a round tree which is pretty sturdy and resilient, although it will need more protection while it's still young.

The shape of the tree means that it will provide a lovely area of shade, perfect for sitting down for a picnic on a sunny day. This tree is ideal if you're looking for something strong and stable that will provide you with shade for many years to come. The golden leaves make this tree beautifully distinctive, especially in summer.

3. Cape Chestnut

The Cape chestnut is closely related to the citrus family, with beautifully scented leaves. It's a large tree with striking pink flowers, and it makes a great statement in an otherwise plain garden. The large size means that it provides plenty of shade, and the scent and flowers mean it's a lovely tree to spend time under.

4. Desert Ash

The desert ash is widely used in public parks around South Australia, and for good reason. It's a fast-growing tree which thrives in both hot and cold conditions, and the large leaves provide plenty of shelter from the hot sun. The leaves are yellow and gold in autumn, meaning that it looks pretty all year round.

Want to enjoy your garden without risking sun damage? Try planting some of these beautiful shade trees. Contact a wholesale tree nursery for additional advice.