The Low-Key Deeds of Locksmiths: The 4 Heroic but Unsung Acts of Locksmiths

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Locksmiths are famous—and sometimes infamous— for their ability to pick locks, crack safes and fashion the keys for almost any lock. You call them when you're locked out of your car or home. On a chilly night, when all you want to do is get inside and put your feet up, but you're locked out, the sight of an approaching locksmith brings great relief.

However, although their job is an important one, locksmiths don't quite get as much attention, or admiration as, say, firemen do. That's interesting because although you might not notice them, locksmiths are often in the thick of the action, alongside police officers and firemen. That's right, they don't just serve those who have lost their keys, they serve those in danger too.

Locksmiths Help Police Enter Buildings

When police officers need to access a building, to secure it, or to plant surveillance devices, locksmiths enable them to enter undetected. To do this, they accompany officers to a building, one that could harbor criminals, and pick or disable a door lock. They also use their unique skills to create keys that will allow officers entry to buildings that need to be secured.

They Sniff out Would-Be Burglars

If a locksmith is called to a property to let someone in because they have lost their keys, they ask to see identification first, as well as proof of residence. If they are satisfied that their client is who they say they are, the locksmith let's them in. No ID or proof of residence could be a sign that the person standing before them is actually a burglar masquerading as a resident.

Some people, whatever their intentions, will manage to convince a locksmith to let them enter, on the condition that they then locate and show some ID. However, as was the case in this incident, should that so-called resident then seem to not know where to look, the locksmith will warn them off by informing the intruder that they are about to call the police.

Forensic Locksmiths Help Catch Criminals

When a criminal manages to gain entry to private property in order to commit a crime, governments, law enforcement agencies and even corporations, will enlist the help of a forensic locksmith. Forensic locksmiths study locks and security devices to determine if, and how, a criminal managed to get past them

With the keen eyes and unique skills of a forensic locksmith on their side, investigating officers will gain some valuable insights into the movements and actions of a suspect. They learn how a suspect entered a building or room, which tools they used, and are able to examine other useful pieces of evidence to help their investigation.

Locksmiths Help Fire Fighters Save Lives

During large fires or other natural, and unnatural, disasters, the skills of a locksmith can save lives. Whether they are there by chance or called by the fire department or police, their abilities help fire fighters to save the lives of people who are trapped. Their knowledge of how locks work, allows them to find a way through heavy doors and locked windows. This gives survivors a means of escape.

Trapped animals too can be saved with the help of a locksmith. Dogs left in cars, can suffer and even die in hot weather. But just as this locksmith did when he rescued 7 dogs from a locked truck, a locksmith can get the door of a vehicle open if there are animals suffering within.

People often ask if locksmiths will one day use their skills to become thieves. Instead they should be asking just how many lives a single locksmith can change—or save—during their career. For more information, contact companies like Cambridge Locksmiths.