5 Ways Retractable Awnings Are Superior to Trees in Terms of Shade Provision

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Trees and awnings both provide relief in the form of shade during hot summers. But trees also have many disadvantages that retractable awnings don't have. So, if you aren't sure whether to choose awnings or a tree to shade your home, then consider the advantages of retractable awnings.

1. Full shade

Trees can't always guarantee full shade. This is especially true during windy weather, when branches move, leaving gaps between branches and leaves. Because of this, trees won't always provide full protection against harmful UV rays. Awnings provide full, uninterrupted shade, which will protect both you and your furniture from harmful UV rays.

2. Removable shade

You might not always want shade outside your home. For instance, you might want to grow sun-loving plants on your deck or patio. A tree will make this difficult. But with a retractable awning, you can retract your awning whenever you don't need exterior shade. This gives you complete control over your shade, something a tree can't provide.

3. Clean shade

Trees drop leaves, litter and bugs. This can be a pain, especially during late winter and autumn. And during summer, if birds take up residence in your trees, their droppings can leave a mess on your patio or decking. Unlike trees, awnings won't make a mess of your home's exterior areas. With an awning rather than a tree, you can keep your outdoor area clean and neat.

4. Safe shade

Trees are living things, which means that they can get sick or die. When this happens, their branches break and fall, especially during severe weather. To ensure that doesn't happen, you'll need to spend money to keep your trees trimmed. However, an awning will give you safe shade. It will never come with the risk of injury, no matter how bad the weather gets.

5. Weatherproof shade

During severe weather, you likely won't need shade as you'll be safe inside your home. As a result, you can retract your awning before severe weather arrives. You then won't need to worry that your awning will suffer damage during bad weather. The same won't be true for a tree, which won't fare well in a bad thunderstorm or hailstorm.

Retractable awnings can do everything trees can do without the maintenance and spacing issues that often come with trees. If you need an effective but simple shade solution, then a retractable awning is more suitable than a tree. Contact an awning company for more information.