Two Situations in Which You Should Get a UV-Resistant Awning for Your Deck

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UV-resistant awnings are useful for many types of outdoor areas, particularly decks. Here are two reasons why you might want to get a UV-resistant awning for your deck.

Your kids play on the deck on sunny days

If you have kids who spend time on the deck on sunny days, then you should definitely get an awning made of UV-resistant fabric. The reason for this is that if your children play outside in the sun, then you need to remind them to reapply their sunscreen regularly so they don't get sunburnt. This can be a challenge if you're busy doing other things around the house and your children are in the habit of wiping off their sunscreen or forgetting to reapply it.

However, if there's an awning over your deck that has UV-resistant properties, then you won't need to worry as much about your children developing sunburn if they forget to reapply their sunscreen or wipe it off, as as they won't be exposed to very much UV light whilst they're on the awning-covered deck. Whilst an awning like this shouldn't be used as a replacement for sunscreen, it can be an effective additional source of sun protection for your kids when they're playing in this outdoor area. It's also worth noting that the shade this feature provides and the cooling effect this shade will have on the deck could possibly reduce the chances of your children experiencing heat exhaustion as a result of playing out in this area for too long on very hot days.

You've refinished the deck and want to keep it in good condition

Refinishing a deck is an expensive but very worthwhile job. If you've just spent lots of money refinishing your own deck and would like to maintain its beautiful new condition for the foreseeable future, you should add a UV-resistant awning to the wall that's closest to it.

The reason for this is that UV rays can damage the timber that most decks are made from. Over time, UV exposure will cause the deterioration of the deck's varnish and its wood fibres, resulting in both aesthetic issues and damage that might make the deck dangerous to use (as the damaged wood fibres may lead to the timber boards cracking).

However, if you have a UV-resistant awning over your deck, most of the UV light that shines down in the direction of your deck during the day will be prevented from penetrating the fabric and will not reach and harm the deck's timber. This should help you to protect this outdoor feature for many years.

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