Rules to Interior Designing Your Home Like a Professional

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For a good number of people, interior decorating translates into injecting their own eccentric style to their living space to create a unique character for their home. Although this presents an excellent opportunity to individualise your space, you should bear in mind that interior design is not simply about tossing different style elements into the various rooms of your home and hoping that they all tie into your overall theme. Instead, you need to know the basics of how best to decorate your home and then build from this foundation to form your own personal style.

If you are interior designing your home for the first time, here are some rules that should guide you in decorating like a pro.

Have fun with textures

A great way to add some depth to the visuals and tactile appeal of your home would be to experiment with textures. However, not many people know this, and thus the only textures they tend to have in the same is upholstery seats and wooden furniture. Instead, consider adding different options that would make your rooms appear to have an exclusive style. For instance, pair timber furniture with wicker coffee and side tables. If you have a plain wall, hang up a woven rug to make the lacquered surface stand out.

Utilise both form and function

If you have a small space, you should steer clear from incorporating too many design elements as it could make the room appear smaller than it truly is. Instead, you should gravitate toward pieces that are uniquely shaped but also provide elevated functionality to the room. For example, rather than purchasing a regular cabinet to store items, have it custom-made for one of the awkward spaces of your home so that it eliminates the dead space while still being of use to you. As long as the pieces that you choose have appealing sculpture, they will enhance the visual interest in the room you are decorating.

Install multiple light sources

People tend to underrate the effect that lighting will have in their home, so they settle for having one overhead light in the room. In essence, lighting can dictate the mood of a room so you would be best advised to install multiple sources to help you achieve a different ambience deepening on your needs. Additionally, get creative with the placement of your lighting to boost the visual interest in the space while getting rid of all shadows.