Tips to Keep Your Glass Shower Screen Sparkling Clean

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Shower screens are a common feature in many of today's bathrooms. These shower fittings are installed to stop water from escaping from the bath onto the bathroom floor when someone is having a shower. Without a shower screen acting as a watertight barrier between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, homeowners would have to deal with a lot of water spillage in the bathroom. Like other glass products, glass shower screens aren't self-cleaning — they require some level of upkeep to remain clean and keep looking pristine.  

If you're considering installing a glass shower screen in your bathroom, you'll need to know how to maintain it. Though your shower screen manufacturer will provide specific instructions on how to clean and care for your screen, here's a heads up on what you need to do.

Use the right cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning glass shower screens, it is vital that you stick to cleaning products recommended by your screen manufacturer. Why? Well, because your screen manufacturer will know what cleaning products are most effective at removing the dirt that may build up on your glass. As glass can easily get scratched, it is also important for you to steer clear of abrasive cleaning materials such as harsh chemical cleaning solutions and hard-bristled scrubbing brushes. For great cleaning results, you will need to wipe down your shower screen with a squeegee or soft, lint-free cloth/rag combined with a cleaner specially designed for your screen. Just ensure you follow the cleaning guidelines on your product's label properly. 

Clean regularly

Cleaning a glass shower screen isn't a one-time procedure but something you will need to do on a frequent basis to keep your screen sparkling clean. Though your screen manufacturer may specify the intervals at which you should clean your screen, cleaning intervals may vary from home to home depending on the level of traffic in the shower. Generally speaking, homes that experience higher levels of traffic in the shower area will need to clean their screens more frequently and vice versa. If your screen is too dirty, you don't have to wait until your manufacturer-recommended cleaning time to clean it. Rinsing your screen with clean water after each shower can reduce the amount of dirt build-up on the screen, thus making cleaning less of a hassle.

If you combine these simple glass shower screen care tips with what your specific screen manufacturer will recommend, you can keep your screen looking clean and pristine for a longer duration.