Reasons to Integrate Wide-Flange Beams in Your Custom Home Build

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Choosing to have a custom home built affords you the opportunity to pick out a style and design of a house that would suit both your immediate and future needs while also allowing you to inject your sense of style to the entire structure. Nonetheless, these extravagant blueprints do come with the extra responsibility of making critical choices on the structural beams used in your home. One such design of beams you could consider are wide flange beams. Curated from a host of materials ranging from steel to concrete, wide flange beams were usually used in the construction of bridges and commercial premises but are now steadily being used in residential building. So why should you integrate the use of wide-flange beams in your custom home build

Wide-flange beams provide your structure with enhanced distribution of weight

The greatest benefit of wide-flange beams in custom home builds is that your architects and contractors do not have to compromise on the design of the home simply because the structural beams would be unable to accommodate the weight. When wide flange beams are used, more pressure can be passed on over a larger area, which allows you to construct your home the way you want. Moreover, the even distribution of weight also translates into less stress for your foundation, which in turn minimises your risk of early foundation problems.

Wide-flange beams come with standardised sizing

An often-overlooked aspect when dealing construction materials is that building supplies rarely have a standardised size. Therefore, your construction may begin and depending on what is needed, some beams may take longer to make it on site, as they would have to be custom made to suit the custom home build. This problem does not arise with wide flange beams. No matter which part of Australia you are in, there is a chart that your engineers, builders and architects can refer to that helps determine what size of wide flange beam would be required for the project at any given time.

Wide-flange beams are easy to manipulate

Since wide-flange beams have an incredibly high load bearing capacity, some people may assume that they would be too cumbersome to work with. The reality is that these beams are actually lighter in weight when compared to other counterparts such as square beams. Therefore, your contractors would find them manageable to manipulate and using them would not increase the labour costs associated with your home build.