3 Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Small Kitchen Seem More Spacious

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The kitchen is commonly considered the heart of the home and is often the centre of family life. Modern kitchens are no longer separate, closed off spaces and are generally integrated with the dining and living areas of the home. Many people dream of a huge, spacious kitchen but this may be unattainable in your home due to size limitations and affordability.

Fortunately, even a small kitchen can be made to look and feel larger and breezier with the right renovations. Here are three ideas that will help you to create a new kitchen that makes the best use of the available space and feels modern, bright and roomy.

1. Mirrored splashbacks

Mirrors are often used in interior design to create the illusion of space in a room. You can utilise this optical trick by using mirrors for your splashbacks instead of more traditional materials such as tiles. Mirrored splashbacks will add depth and scale to a smaller kitchen and will also maximise the natural light in the room, making it feel fresher and brighter.

2. Monochromatic colour palette

In kitchens with limited space, some of the interior design trends that are popular right now won't make a good choice. Highly patterned tiles and dark colours for cabinets look amazing in a big room but in a small kitchen, they can make the room look cluttered, dark and even smaller than they already are. Instead, opt for finishes and fixtures that stick to a single, light base colour with subtle variations of darker and lighter shades of the base colour for accents.

3. Streamline fixtures and fittings

When space is tight, keeping your fixtures and fittings streamlined is important. Fussy or ornate items such as handles or door knobs can intrude on the space and create a cluttered and cramped feeling. Opt for cabinets that use magnetic strips to allow them to opened and closed by simply pushing on them. Alternatively, you can have your cabinets made with unobtrusive handles that are built into the bottom edges of the door panels.

If you're struggling to choose the right design elements for your small kitchen renovation project, then your kitchen renovation contractor can help. They can advise you on which products and materials will be the best choices for helping you to achieve a new kitchen that might be small in size but will be big on looks, function and spaciousness.