Design Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Update

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The new year is a great time to redecorate your kitchen so that you can start with an entirely new aesthetic in this space. However, renovations should not exclusively be about fixing elements in your kitchen that look worse for wear such as old flooring, decrepit splashbacks and so on. Introducing new design elements to your space can give it a fresh new look and inordinately improve the appeal and functionality of your kitchen—not to mention that gravitating toward modern design elements will boost the value of your home, too! If you are in search of edgy updates that will transform your outdated kitchen, here are a few kitchen designs to consider.

An island as a focal point

Kitchen islands are not a new feature. However, the primary style that homeowners lean toward is a small- to medium-sized island that is fundamentally used for counter space. Most recently, kitchen islands have started to become larger, which subsequently makes them more functional. For instance, installing a prominent island in the kitchen can allow you to increase the amount of storage in your kitchen drastically! As a result, the space becomes less cluttered, which can make your kitchen appear bigger than it was. Secondly, a large island eliminates the need for a kitchen table, as you can have seating around it to facilitate family meals in this room. Other features you can have installed in your island include a wine rack, spice racks, a lazy Susan and so on.

A trough sink

Undeniably, the sink is one of the most used elements in the kitchen. Therefore, if you have a tiny sink that cannot accommodate all your cleaning needs, you can find it extremely inconvenient. Switching out your traditional sink to a trough sink can increase the functionality of this feature quite dramatically. Firstly, trough sinks have a decorative aspect to them, as they will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Secondly, the largeness of trough sinks makes them quite handy for an assortment of uses. The double faucets they come with can make multitasking in the kitchen easy, as one person can clean the dishes while another washes and preps the food items.

Concealed illumination

Lighting is critical in the kitchen. However, having many naked lights in the kitchen can make the space appear glaring and unappealing. A better solution to boost illumination without sacrificing the aesthetic of your kitchen is to install concealed lighting. Recessing the light not only ensures that the architectural design of your kitchen is not changed, but you get the chance to enhance the ambiance subtly with warm illumination.