How to Ensure That Your Recliner Lounge Serves You Longer

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Have you noticed that your sofa seats are sagging or losing their visual appeal? In case you have seen any of these signs and your seats are only a few months old, then it indicates that you need to change the way you handle them. Below are various steps that you can take to ensure that your recliner lounge serves you for a long time.

Keep them away from the fireplace

How close are your seats to the fireplace? If your seats are close to the fireplace, it might be the reason why they are looking worn out. This is because the intense heat from the fireplace affects the materials used to make the seat. In case it is made of leather, the heat will reduce the shine, and the sofa will not look as appealing as it used to. The same is applicable when you place the recliner right next to an electric room heater, whereby the heat generated will have the same effect. As such, it is essential to consider this factor when you have just bought a recliner, and you are looking for the best position to place it.

Do not leave any stains uncleaned

Do not assume that some stains are tiny and there is no urgent need to remove them. Many people ignore small stains on the surface of their recliners, and this defaces the seats after some time. This is because the stains seep into the fabric of the seats, making them difficult to remove. As more of these stains are left unattended, the recliner gradually starts losing its original shade, especially if it was brightly coloured. To prevent such issues, make sure you wipe any stain on the sofa immediately you see it. Additionally, you should choose the detergents you use carefully so that it does not damage the fabrics on the seat.

Keep away pets

Do you have pets at home? Do you let them sleep or play on your seats? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then this is one of the reasons for your problem. Pets such as cats and dogs have claws that will scratch the surface of the seats, and they will gradually become worn out. Additionally, the pets can lie on your seats after playing outside, resulting in stains that are difficult to remove. This problem can be avoided by training your pets to relax only in designated areas and avoid resting on your recliner lounges.

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