3 Vital Elements When Creating A Beautiful Hamptons Style Kitchen

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Finding the right aesthetic style for your new kitchen can be a challenging task. Kitchen design has come a long way in recent years and people now expect the room to be an integral part of the home's hub, to look incredible and to function perfectly. Many homeowners opt for the ultra-modern, minimalist look that is currently in vogue. However, this sleek and sometimes stark style isn't to everybody's taste.

If you'd like to find a happy medium between contemporary and classic style, then a Hamptons style kitchen is the ideal compromise. This look embraces the monochromatic colour scheme of minimalism but incorporates detail, form and flair to ensure that the room feels welcoming, personal and comfortable.

Hamptons style is characterised by its use of quality materials, classic elegance and understated luxury. Here are three elements that are vital to include if you want to achieve the perfect Hamptons inspired kitchen in your home.

1. White timber cabinetry

In your Hamptons style kitchen, celebrating the beauty, sturdiness and timeless qualities of timber for your cabinetry is essential. You can opt for cabinetry that uses timber boards to echo the timber siding used on the exterior of Hamptons homes. You can also opt for solid timber panels with shaker style details or carved ornate mouldings. Whichever you choose, they should be painted in a classic semi-gloss white.

2. Dark timber flooring

The subtle difference between an uber modern kitchen and a Hamptons style kitchen is the introduction of warm colours to break up the monochromatic palette. Using a rich, warm timber for your kitchen's flooring is the perfect way to do this. Dark timber softens the rest of the room and is a practical choice which hides minor spots and dirt more effectively. If your budget doesn't stretch to hardwood floors, then good quality timber laminate also looks great.

3. Decadent lighting

In a highly contemporary kitchen, lighting is often purely functional and is kept as streamlined and unobtrusive as possible. In a Hamptons style kitchen, the opposite is true. The lighting should create a sculptural and eye-catching focal point in the room that offers a contrast to the simple palette of the room. Add a set of oversized pendant lights or even a decadent chandelier to give your new kitchen a feel of luxury and refinement.

Talk to your kitchen designer and installer about your ideas for a Hamptons style kitchen. They'll be able to help you fine-tune the different elements and to create a kitchen that works in terms of both style and practicality.