Leaving Home? 4 Habits That Will Help You Avoid Pests

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Moving out for the first time and don't have a clue how to deal with pests? Getting into bad habits is a surefire way to attract all sorts of creepy crawlies, so forget leaving that takeaway pizza on the kitchen counter for a week. Building the habits below will help reduce the risk of any unwanted visitors, and sets you up for a happy, healthy life in your new place.

Don't fancy a rat as a roommate? Keep reading.

1. Store Food in Sealed Containers 

Keeping food on display is a surefire way to attract pests, especially during warm weather. If it's food that you're planning to eat again, you also risk getting sick when bugs land on your food and spread germs.

Keep your home safe by investing in a set of airtight plastic containers. Store food inside these the moment you're done eating it, and keep in the fridge if it's warm. Even small amounts of dry food, like cereal, can attract rats and mice, so don't leave anything to chance.

2. Keep Your Room Free of Clutter 

A cluttered home is the kind of environment pests love. If there are clothes all over the floor, papers piled on all the surfaces, and mountains of old dishes covering your desk, there are plenty of warm, hidden spaces for pests to dwell.

If your home is a real mess, you might not even realize that you have pests until the problem becomes serious. Take a few minutes to clean and tidy your space each day, and invest in extra storage if you need to.

3. Dust and Vacuum Regularly 

Many pests can feed on the dust and dirt lying on your floors and in your carpets - especially when food crumbs are thrown into the mix. Taking the time to vacuum and dust down your surfaces at least once a week won't take long, but it will help keep dust mites, flies and other creepy crawlies at bay.

4. Hang Up Wet Towels and Clothes 

Pests absolutely love moisture, so leaving wet clothes and towels on the floor is a big mistake. Bugs called silverfish are particularly fond of damp environments, and often wait until night to come out, making them hard to spot.

Flies and gnats are also drawn to moisture, and can quickly multiply if left to their own devices. Invest in a set of hooks or a heated towel rail and keep those pests away for good.

Moving into your own home for the first time? Follow these simple pest control tips to make sure you don't end up with any unwelcome roommates.