Tips for Making the Most of Your New Carport

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Protection for your vehicle is obligatory if you want to retain its pristine appearance and keep the mechanical components at optimum condition. Nevertheless, not homeowners have the luxury of having a garage on their premises. While you may be considering constructing one as part of a remodel, it may be good to consider opting for a carport instead. Carports may be portable structure, but this does not mean that you cannot customise your shelter to suit your residence as well as ensure it meets other supplementary needs you may have for this structure.

If you want a new carport, the following are some tips for making the most of your newly installed carport.

Opt for semi-attached installation

Since carports are typically freestanding, some people may lean toward having the structure put up in the middle of their property assuming this will be the best location. However, if you want your carport to blend in with your primary residence while also save up on your yard space, you should have the carport erected on the side of your home.

Choosing this semi-detached installation has several benefits. Firstly, the wall of your home acts as a barrier for your vehicle, which provides additional protection against the elements. Secondly, by having the carport on the side of your home, it functions as a makeshift barrier against thermal loss and gain, which helps in regulating the temperature inside your house. Lastly, when the carport is connected to your home, you can easily transition from your vehicle and into your home without being exposed to inclement weather.

Construct a foundational base for the carport

While carports can be erected anywhere on your property, you may want to include a foundation if you do not plan to move your carport around. A solid base made from concrete slabs will not only ensure that your car is on level ground, but it will also lend an appearance of permanency to the structure. Another fringe benefit of having a foundation for your carport is that you prevent unnecessary dings to your vehicle from gravel that may kick up when you drive into your carport.

Install guttering and solar panels

Not many people may think that their carport will be advantageous in regards to green living, but this structure can be quite handy in reducing your carbon footprint. One of the first things you can do is install guttering on your shelter that will facilitate rainwater harvesting on your property. Secondly, you should contemplate the installation with solar panels to supplement your household's electricity consumption.