Home Maintenance Jobs to Do Before Winter Sets In

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Autumn is the right time of year to carry out a number of home maintenance chores. Not only is it the final chance to get some jobs done before the wintry weather arrives, but it is the best time to conduct certain annual jobs that naturally follow on from summer when most things have finished growing. Conducted in autumn, these home and garden jobs will not need to be repeated until the following year. What are the things you should be doing around the home this autumn?

Clear Away Leaves

Any leaves that have fallen from deciduous trees in the late summer and early autumn need be cleared away before they rot and start to clog up your drains. Sweep away fallen leaves from your downpipes and drain covers so that rainfall can flow away uninterrupted. Installing a leaf guard on each of your drainage points is a good idea at this time of year, especially if you have a large garden with lots of leaves that will continue to fall into winter. A gutter guard will also help to prevent dead leaves from working their way into the guttering and downpipes in the first place. 

Check Your Heating System

You might not have turned your heating system on since last winter. When you suffer a cold snap in the weather, it is good to already know that your heating is ready to go or not. Plumbers and boiler repair technicians tend to be busiest at this time so confirm central heating is working in autumn by turning it on for an hour or two to ensure the hole house warms up properly.

Inspect Your Flat Roofs

It is always advisable to make a visual inspection of your home's flat roofs before winter kicks in. Look out for any moss that might have built up or pools of water which are not flowing off properly. In fact, it is best to look at all of your roof, if possible, not just any flat sections of it to make sure that still water is not forming. This can cause damage to your roof's structure if it is left over the winter period.

Reseed Your Lawn

Although lawns don't show much growth during the autumn months, there is lots of activity underground. Improve the root system of your grass by working your lawn over with a fork and applying a fertiliser designed for lawn growth. Back this up with a liberal sewing of grass seeds before the darker winter months set in.