How to Choose the Best Awning Style for Your Home

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Awnings come in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials, which means you're sure to easily find the best awnings for your home's exterior. However, having too many options can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! Note a few tips on how to chose the best awning style for your home, such as Luxaflex awnings, before you even begin to shop.

Focal point

Do you want your home's awnings to blend with the home's exterior or be a focal point that stands out and gets noticed? A colourful awning with lots of stripes can be very visually stunning and work as an accessory to your home's exterior, whereas a glass or fabric awning in a colour similar to the home's exterior will blend in.

To decide if you should have awnings that are a focal point, take a good look at the outside of your home. Does the house have large exterior walls without many windows or accessories to break up that span? If so, you may want colourful awnings that stand out and add some visual interest. On the other hand, if your home's exterior has shutters, flower boxes or large windows, you might opt for a more subtle style of awning so your house exterior doesn't look cluttered and busy.


Metal awnings can make sounds during heavy rainstorms and hailstorms, so be cautious about choosing this material if your home is in an area with lots of inclement weather. Also, a thick canvas awning might tend to flap around in very strong storms, so a thick glass awning might be the best choice for homes exposed to high winds and heavy rains.

It's also good to choose an awning material that works well with your home's style, as well as your exterior features. For example, a glass awning might look too modern for a traditional or craftsman style home, or for a property with a white picket fence and a cottage style look. On the other hand, a glass or metal awning might work for a more modern home or for those who prefer a minimalist look on their property.

A canvas retractable awning is a great choice if you want to control the amount of shade you get throughout the day or year. During hot summer months, you can extend the awning for maximum shade, but then retract it if you sit outside during spring and fall and want more sunlight on your patio or deck.