Are You Looking for New Refrigeration Equipment?

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If you run a business that sells food or has any stock that is temperature-sensitive, then you will understand the importance of owning and maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment. Whether you opt for freezers, refrigerators, or cool rooms, you must ensure that they remain in full working order and that they do not fall outside the expected temperature range. Should the temperature of the unit deviate from what is expected, you could find that you will have to start throwing out valuable stock that can no longer be safely used. If you want to ensure that your commercial refrigeration is working correctly, then you must make certain that you install the correct equipment to start with, and once it is installed, you must establish a regular maintenance regime so that it is less likely to be subject to failure.

Installing commercial refrigeration equipment

Installing refrigeration equipment is something that should only be attempted by a qualified professional with the appropriate experience. You will need to think about the location of refrigeration units and cool room and how they are going to operate in relation to your business. For example, how will your deliveries reach the refrigerator? Will you have to carry loads through a busy kitchen or down a narrow corridor? Conversely, will it be easy to access items in the cool room or refrigerator when you need them? Can you get to them quickly or will you have to spend lots of time walking back and forth in future? Perhaps, the most important question you will have to address before installing commercial refrigeration equipment is what size the equipment should be. If it is too small then you could find food going to waste as it cannot be correctly stored. If you choose a size that is too large, you will be paying to cool space that you never use.

Arranging a maintenance package

A good refrigeration maintenance company should be happy to produce a maintenance package that is tailored to the specific needs of your commercial refrigeration equipment. After an initial site visit to look at your freezers and the cool room, they will be able to see how your equipment is used and what condition it is in. After making their assessment, they will have a good idea about how frequent future inspections should be and how best to maintain the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment. Understanding your needs will let them create a maintenance plan that fits your needs perfectly.