How to Make Your Bathroom Seem Lighter and More Airy When Remodelling

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Although it is possible to make any room seem a bit brighter with a well-chosen colour palette, bathrooms are often particularly tricky because you need to fit so much into them. They're often not the largest rooms in a standard Australian home, either. That's why bathroom remodelling has become so popular in the country. By moving an internal wall just a few centimetres, you can create a much better sense of space and airiness than simply updating the internal décor. True, bathroom remodelling projects cause more disruption, but the end results are worth it, especially if you want to maximise sunlight and spaciousness. What should you be including in your bathroom renovation?

Move Doorways

When you are conducting a bathroom remodelling project, you will have the opportunity to move the door from its current position. This is something you cannot do when you are simply redecorating, so consider how much shade your door makes when it is even half-open. Ideally, your door will be on the south-facing wall which sees the least sunlight. Alternatively, consider fitting a door with glazed panelling. Frosted glass is obviously better for bathroom renovations because you'll want to maintain privacy.

Add Skylights and Windows

If you can remodel your bathroom so that it has a larger window, so much the better. However, this may cost a great deal if the wall that has the window in it is structural. Another great way to allow more natural light into your bathroom is to add a skylight. Since many bathrooms are upstairs, this shouldn't mean there is too much trouble fitting one. However, even downstairs bathrooms can benefit from extra sunlight via a solar tube from the roof.

Use Reflective Material

Most rooms look bigger when a large mirror or two is fitted inside. Remember that it is not just walls that can have mirrors fitted to them but the backs of doors, as well. Bear in mind that mirrors are not the only reflective materials you can use. Brushed stainless steel and chrome also throw light around so consider tap fittings that are made from such metals, including your choice of a new bathroom radiator.

Fit Transparent Screens

Shower screens block the eye line. To get around this problem, opt for see-through ones instead of opaque options. Many manufacturers produce shower and bath screens that don't even require frames these days. This is a good option for fooling the eye into thinking there is more space in a renovated bathroom than there actually is!