3 Extras That You Can Use To Customise Your New Louvre Windows

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Louvre windows are a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. This style of window is ideal if you want to achieve maximum airflow into your home without compromising on security or attractiveness. The louvre design gives you complete control over the amount of air that enters your home but also shut tight to provide a watertight covering for your windows if desired.

Depending on where you plan to locate your louvre windows in your home, you may also want to customise them with some additional features. Here are three extras that you can add to your louvre windows for maximum performance and efficiency.

1. Screens

Unscreened louvre windows are great for creating a cross breeze through your home. Unfortunately, they can also make a great entry point for unwelcome visitors of both the insect and human variety. Insect screens or more sturdy security screens can be installed with your louvre windows to keep one or both of these pests at bay.

Screens for louvres are usually set within a surround frame that can be installed on either the inside or the outside of the window. Lightweight insect screens are better suited to upper-level windows, while the heavy-duty security screens are ideal for ground floor windows that intruders can easily access.

2. Automated control

Louvre windows are often used in areas of the home that may be hard to reach. Popular locations are staircases and along the ceiling line in homes with high, vaulted roofs. In the past, these windows would need to be opened and closed with rigid or telescopic poles that had a hook on the end. This process can be cumbersome, tricky and time-consuming.

Fortunately, modern technology has made this old-fashioned process obsolete. Louvre windows can now be installed with an automated system that lets you open and close them via a remote control. The system utilises a small and quiet inbuilt motor and can be configured to allow you to open and close different sections of the louvres for precise airflow control.

3. Design options

Generally, louvre windows are built within aluminium frames. These frames can be powder coated in a variety of different colours so that you can enhance and complement your home's existing colour palette and style.

You can also customise your louvre windows with the choice of material for the louvres. You can opt for clear or frosted glass louvres for a traditional look. For a more design and aesthetics focused choice, you can choose from powder-coated aluminium or timber louvres which give you the benefit of increased privacy while still preserving the desired airflow qualities of the windows.